N-kov projects' index page.

ProjectStatusVersion ControlDescription
GSDR.GQHighest priority - Under active developmentFossilGSDR.GQ: Geo-Spatial Data Repository for Grand Quality (A web service for quality assessment of OSM data).
WGN.GSDR.GQ (Fixed third prototype: WGN-PT3.GSDR.GQ)Completed, maintaining (at least until 06.2020 - to be extended)FossilWeGovNow's GSDR.GQ (Geo-Spatial Data Repository of WeGovNow).
IGIS.TKHigh PriorityFossilIntegrated Geographic Information System Tool Kit. A collection of tools related to OSM and GIS data processing, integration of various open source GIS and libraries (currently, GRASS GIS, Spatialite, GDAL). The toolkit is utilized by GSDR.GQ
Tiles.CFNormal PriorityFossilTiles Common Framework. A collection of tools and a library for geo-tiles related processing.
*n-kov.com:(1)n-kov.com,(2)a.n-kov.com, (3)ar.n-kov.com Low PriorityRCS(1)Projects' index and documentation + General purpose libs and tools. (2)A personal web page: CV, publications, skills, affiliation information. (3)An archive of preprint papers.